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The Fullest Well

From Fatigue to Fulfillment

Vitamin C Healing's The Fullest Well: From Fatigue to Fulfillment 3 hour self-paced online course was created as a solution for the helping professional who finds himself or herself mindlessly moving throughout the workday with the mission of helping clients suffering from trauma, serious mental illness, and chronic conditions.

Meet your instructor:

I remember there was a time in my career as a social worker where I would come home each day feeling exhausted and empty after helping numerous people. I would cry after conference calls and in the car on my way to client visits. Then I would cry because I felt guilty for being exhausted. I became a master at appearing like I had it together. I tried going to bed early, taking bubble baths, getting massages, and increasing my exercise regimen. These techniques were temporary fixes for a recurrent problem.


After attending a trauma conference, I learned I was struggling with Compassion Fatigue. I knew I was not alone in this struggle as I witnessed several colleagues just like you suffering from similar symptoms. You've probably also experienced daily battles with emotional distress and apathy from the constant demands of caring for others, witnessing pain, suffering and trauma, and the lack of organizational support.  Loom, doom, guilt, exhaustion, and apathy do not have to be waiting in the wings for you. 


Helping doesn't have to hurt and empathy doesn't have to be exhausting. 

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LCSW, CCTP, Facilitator, Trauma Specialist

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I found the training itself to be really relaxing; you have such a lovely calm demeanor (and voice!).  I will look out for more of your training in the future.  I always find internal family systems theory interesting and the way you approached it was so compassionate and helpful.

- Vicky

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I had an epiphany!! To be honest, I truly got a lot out of each module. it is self-paced which gave me the opportunity to pause, digest, internalize and just let it marinate in my spirit before moving on to the next modules. Thank You.

- Marsha Hayes,
Office Assistant Senior

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I really liked that there was material/workbook we could save, download, and print to be able to refer to in the future. The tangible skills were really helpful.

- Multnomah County
DHS employee

Compassion fatigue is the common cold of helping professionals.

If you work in this field you will catch it.

Let us help you build an immunity so that you can continue to do this work from a full well.  Sharise’s unique experience as a social worker and mental health therapist makes her a knowledgeable speaker about the impact of secondary trauma, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue on helping professionals.


Foundational Strength

Building a foundation of greater self-awareness and self-compassion to exercise your reflective brain on a daily basis.


From Surviving to Thriving

Challenging and reframing the distorted and irrational thoughts that serve as barriers in your work.

Calming the nervous system and activating the relaxation response to prevent you from getting stuck in survival mode.


In the Moment Recovery

Using in-the-moment recovery strategies in emotionally charged interactions with clients while mindfully empathizing with their struggles.

Here's what you'll get:

  •  Five pre-recorded self-paced modules, mindfulness practices at the end of   each module, and downloadable activity packets. 

  • Get access to Monthly Live Virtual Q & A sessions hosted by the facilitator in the Private Facebook group amongst a community of Helping and Healthcare Professionals.

  • Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Upon completion of the course, 3 Continuing Education credits for Pennsylvania and New York state-licensed social workers, counselors and marriage and family therapists.

Payment options available:

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"Combatting the Common Cold of Helping Professionals: How to Build an Immunity Against Compassion Fatigue" 

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